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Making Sure Your “Wish List” is Complete

Before shopping for a new home, people often create a “wish list” of the features they desire most. That’s a good way to ensure you choose a home that best fits your needs and

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Shop for Insurance Before You Close

After purchasing a new home, buyers are often focused on securing a good mortgage, hiring a reputable moving company, and preparing for moving day.Those are all important. Just don’t forget

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Getting your home ready for sale?

Preparing Your House for Sale in Less Than a WeekOctober 29, 2018It’s great when you have lots of time to prepare for something important. But life doesn’t always happen that way.

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Buy a diamond in the rough?

When to Consider Buying a “Diamond in the Rough”December 10, 2018Let’s face it. When you visit a home during a scheduled viewing or open house, you’re usually seeing it at

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